If you are thinking about becoming a bookkeeper there are probably many things running through your mind. You need to understand what kind of education this job takes and you need to know what a bookkeeper salary would be. You may be wondering if you need a college degree and what kind of environment will this job take me to. We are going to look at all of these questions in this article about starting out on this career path.

Bookkeeper Salary Information:

Although your bookkeeper salary will vary depending on where you live some resources report that you will make an average of 68,960 dollars for keeping books. Other sources I have found reports the bookkeeper salary will pay between 56,460 to 74,360 dollars.

Bookkeeper Education Requirements:

This job requires you to be strong in math and computers. You will need an associate degree or some sort of classes in business and finance. Be sure the classes you take include a strong emphasis on subjects such as finance, business and accounting. One skill that needs to be strong is your PC abilities. Now days everything is done on a computer. You wont find many jobs as a bookkeeper that do things the old fashioned way of pen and paper. The more comfortable you are with a computer the better off you will be.

Bookkeeper Work Environment:

Most of the time can expect to work a normal set schedule as a bookkeeper. It is normally done inside a comfortable office that is air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter. There is a lot of repetitive actions in this job and the pace you will work at is normally pretty steady. Occasionally you will need to work overtime such as at the end of the fiscal year or in other times when problems arise. One thing you can be sure of is when tax time comes around your workload and hours are likely to increase.

If you want to do this job being an organized type of person with a good eye for detail is helpful. Being strong in the fields of finance and money will definitely help you grab the attention of the person looking at your resume. Every company out there no matter how big or small has need of bookkeepers. I would expect this trend to continue. If you like working with figures then bookkeeping is a great job opportunity to consider.

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